Civil and Commercial Litigation

At Moseley Chapman and Skemp Solicitors, we are your local Civil and Commercial Litigation Solicitors providing a comprehensive range of services from County to High Court claims and defences as required.

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Civil Litigation

For individuals and businesses, we provide legal services for all types of matters.

Areas covered include:

Debt Recovery

Landlord and Tenant issues

Neighbour disputes

Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Professional Negligence

Breach of Contract and/or Agreements

Intellectual Property Disputes

General Business Disputes

Professional Negligence

There are many cost-effective ways of dealing with the above issues and we will work with you advising you of them. The goal where possible is to avoid court as the costs can be considerable.

Our pricing model is competitive and our aim is to help you get the result you want whilst keeping costings realistic.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial Dispute Resolution is undoubtedly a time-consuming burden faced by many businesses during their day to day operations.

Our Commercial Litigation team at Moseley Chapman and Skemp Solicitors understand what it means to be a business, appreciate the hard work required and the pressure any dispute, whether big or small, can have on a business.

We aim to provide a form of Commercial Dispute Resolution which is quick, efficient and a cost-effective for your business, whilst maintaining the commercial objectives specific to your company’s ideals and values.

Our team of Litigation Solicitors have experience in many areas of Commercial Law including:-

  • Corporate Governance and ownership
    • Director Disputes
    • Shareholder Disputes
    • Partnership Disputes
  • Contract advice/disputes
    • Sale and Supply of Goods and Services
    • Performance of a Commercial Contract
  • Disputes engaging the economic torts
  • Corporate Defamation claims
  • Debt Recovery
  • Financial Services Disputes (including the defence of regulatory claims brought by the Financial Conduct Authority)
  • Commercial Landlord and Tenant disputes
  • Corporate Insolvency and Personal Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Intellectual Property Infringement claims
  • Franchise and Licensing Disputes
  • Construction and Engineering disputes

At Moseley Chapman and Skemp Solicitors, offer quality advice and devise a strategy to understand your risks and the next steps involved to bring your dispute to an end.

It is time to let our Commercial Litigation team take this burden from you so you can focus on running your business. Contact us today for a telephone consultation with one of our solicitors on 0121 355 4537.