Dispute Resolution

dispute resolution


Our Disputes team is led by Grant Smith and is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

Whenever we take a case on, we quickly establish the issues and provide guidance and advice about the strengths and weaknesses of our clients legal position.  However, we recognise that our clients needs are frequently broader than simply receiving advice on their strict legal position. 

At the forefront of our mind, is our clients personal, commercial, and reputational interests and the impact the dispute in question is likely to have on those interests whilst it continues and sometimes long after it has concluded.  The strategy we advise our clients to deploy in all disputes is determined primarily by their personal and commercial objectives, not by how likely or unlikely they are to succeed if their case reaches trial.   

Almost invariably our focus is on keeping our clients out of Court and resolving their disputes at the pre-action stage. We actively discourage our clients, and their opponents, from engaging in what are often protracted, expensive and uncertain Court battles in favour of more pragmatic, cost-effective, and commercially focused forms of dispute resolution, including lawyer-led settlement conferences, and the resolution of disputes by mediation or expert determination.

However, we recognise that in certain cases litigation in the Courts may be unavoidable, particularly if an urgent Court remedy is required (e.g. an Injunction), or if our client’s opponent is of a difficult disposition, or if our client is up against a party who has not previously experienced the expense and uncertainty of investing in a litigious outcome.  

If litigation is unavoidable, our Disputes team works tirelessly to ensure our clients have the best possible chance of obtaining a positive outcome, whether that be by settling the case on favourable terms after proceedings have commenced, or by ensuring any Court or Tribunal hearing our clients case at trial has been provided with the best possible version of it.    

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