Employment issues are very common and can be a difficult and stressful time for both an employer and an employee.

Moseley Chapman & Skemp Solicitors have Employment Solicitors who can provide professional advice on the many various disputes that can arise prior to, during, or post-employment, including, but not limited to: –

  • Unfair, Constructive, or Wrongful Dismissal
  • Employment Contracts
  • Redundancies, Restructuring and Reorganisations
  • Discrimination Claims
  • Public Interest Disclosure
  • Tribunal Attendance

Our team has the experience and the approach needed to assist you to deal with an employment dispute quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We will provide you with a strategy best equipped to resolve your employment dispute and maintain an open and transparent communication with you as to your next steps and the associated costs involved.

In the ever-changing area of Employment Law,  it pays to have a firm of Solicitors who are on your side, whose expertise and experience is both extensive and varied in this field. We aim to assist you to settle your differences without the stress and protracted difficulties you would expect.

Remember… We are on your side and will battle your corner, support you and offer unbiased advice at every stage.

Call our team today on 0121 355 4537 to arrange a telephone consultation with one of our Employment Solicitors and take your next steps to receiving the employment advice you need.

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Employment issues we advise on:

  • Unfair, constructive, wrongful dismissal
  • Employment Contract matters
  • Redundancies, restructuring and reorganisations
  • Representing you at an employment tribunal
  • Disability, age, sex discrimination
  • Public interest disclosure
  • Policy and procedure drafting for your business
  • Non-payment, wage deductions and other entitlements
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