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Setting Up a Trust
Sutton Coldfield

Trusts are a way of preserving your wealth for the future generations of your loved ones.

Provide For Your Loved Ones

Setting up a Trust is one way to distribute your property and provide for loved ones. The team here at Moseley Chapman & Skemp Solicitors in Sutton Coldfield will discuss with you your situation and wishes and then explain the different types of Trusts and their objectives.

Trusts and Legal Formalities 

We will also complete the legal formalities to ensure that your assets are well protected and any tax implications involved.

We offer office-based appointments in Sutton Coldfield and can travel locally to your home if necessary.

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Trusts and Estate Planning

There are a number of different types of trust that we can advise you on:

Testamentary Trust

Can be set up to distribute your property after your death.

Inter Vivos Trust

You can allow a loved one to access your estate while you are still alive.

Revocable Trust

Allows you to reclaim the funds if the trust no longer meets your requirements.

Irrevocable Trust

Cannot be revoked once established.

Get in touch to discuss your best options with our local expert trust and estate planning solicitors in Sutton Coldfield.

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