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Making a Will

Plan for the future and avoid expensive and emotional times ahead by getting a professionally drafted Will.

Will Writers in Sutton Coldfield

At Moseley Chapman & Skemp Solicitors we believe that every adult should have a properly prepared Will. A Will is the only way of ensuring what happens to your assets when you die.

Plan For the Future

We care and look after our loved ones during our lifetime.

Yet all too often we neglect to ensure that proper provision is made for them after our death; either by failing to keep an up-to-date or competently drafted Will or, more often than not, neglecting to make a Will at all.

Will and Probate Solicitors

As Wills and Probate solicitors, we can help you in making a will and help you plan for your and your family’s future.

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Not Having a Will Can Be Expensive

It can be extremely expensive both emotionally and financially to sort out the uncertainty that can be left when there is no Will or the Will is unclear.

If you die without making a Will, everything that you own will be distributed under the Intestacy Rules. This could result in your Estate being distributed between family members whom you do not necessarily wish to benefit.

Professionally Drafted Will

With a professionally drafted Will you can:-

  • Ensure that your spouse is taken care of in the way that you wish
  • If you are not married you can ensure that your partner is protected after your death.
  • Appoint Guardians for your children
  • Reduce the impact of Nursing /Care home fees on your family
  • Choose who you would like to administer your estate
  • Ensure that a beneficiary who has money issues, marriage problems or a disability is not compromised by their Inheritance
  • Reduce any Inheritance Tax Liability

In addition to Wills, our expert legal team can help with the following:

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